Values and Principles

The Society operates under the following principles:

- Voluntary and open membership
- Democratic member control
- Economic participation by members
- Autonomy and independence
- Education, training and, information
- Cooperation among co-operatives
- Corporate social responsiveness


Finnlemm-SACCO, like other Co-operatives, is governed under the Co-operative Societies Act CAP (490) of 1997. The members are entitled but not limited to:

- Receive, periodically and regularly, or upon request, and at least once a year, a Statement of Accounts containing the individualized record of his/her credit and debit transactions
- Attend and participate at General Meetings. Each member shall have one vote irrespective of the member’s total share holding.
- Elect or be elected as a Committee Member of the Society unless otherwise prohibited by any other law or these By-laws
- Use the Society’s products and services according to the policies and procedures approved by the Committee
- Submit projects or initiatives to the Committee, for improvement of the Society’s products and services
- All other rights as prescribed by the Act and the Rules.


Obligations of a member-In compliance with the Co-operative Societies Act, Finnlemm members are obliged to: -

- Attend meetings and take part in decision-making
- Show good co-operative spirit
- Inform non-members who qualify for admission and encourage them to join the SACCO
- Bring out problems affecting the SACCO and look for solutions
- Participate in SACCO projects both physically and financially
- Attend educational meetings and seminars organized by the SACCO.
- Make use of the services of the SACCO as stated in the objects of the SACCO
- Comply with the Sacco By-laws, the Co-operative Societies Act, Rules and General Meeting Resolutions
- Buy and pay up for shares or make any other payment provided for in the By-laws of the society,
- Meet the debts of the society incase of bankruptcy in accordance with the provisions of the Act and By-laws of the society