Currently, the following fantastic seven products are available to all Finnlemm members. A member can qualify for the below products depending on his/her shares and ones salary.

  • Normal Loan
  • Refinance Loan
  • Express Loan
  • School Fees Loan
  • Emergencies Loan
  • Finbefu loan
  • Special Loan ( Merchandise loan)

The amount is purely dependent on the number of shares a members has provided total deductions do not exceed 2/3rds of gross pay after taxes. However, normal loans have an upper ceiling of Kshs.5,000,000.

A member can repay his/her loan either by cash, bank deposit slip, cheque, standing order or the check off system. Either way the member must ensure that he/she has received an acknowledgement receipt from Finnlemm confirming the payment. The deadline for all monthly collections is the 10th of the following month.

The Finbefu shares enable Finnlemm to provide a funeral rider to all its members. Upon death of the principal member, the next of kin is paid Kshs. 50,000.00 as funeral expense while the outstanding loan (if any) is paid off by insurance.

If a member has a running normal loan and would like to take another one (refinance/top up facility) the member must have reduced the original loan by at least 2/3rd. If for instance, a member took a normal loan of 600,000 and would like to refinance, the member must have paid at least 2/3rd of the amount i.e. 2/3rd *600,000=400,000 the balance of the loan should therefore be 200,000(600,000-400,000) this being 1/3rd of the original loan .If this has not been met, a member may pay the difference.