Asset Finance Loan

This product enables members to buy motor vehicles and other business assets that may be approved from time to time.


· Member should have deposit to loan ratio of at least 1:5

· 5 times multiplier on deposits

· Maximum repayment period of 48 months

· Interest charged at 1.125% per month on reducing balance method

· Loan is open to offset by other loans

· The asset financed must be 10 years and below

· Loan secured by guarantors or collateral

The key requirements are as follows:

  • All vehicles covered except for PSV vehicles.
  •  Car value is the insurance premium.
  • Insurance policy must be completed and attached to the loan application.
  • Member must complete the loan application.

More requirements include:-

  • Cheques paid directly to the insurance company.
  • Loans repaid within a period 12months.
  • This loan is granted at a 1 % interest per month on a reducing balance method

N:B For payment charges refer to Tariff  Guide under downloads. 

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