In compliance with the Co-operative Societies Act, Finnlemm members are obliged to: –

  1. Attend meetings and take part in decision-making
  2. Show good co-operative spirit
  3. Inform non-members who qualify for admission and encourage them to join the SACCO
  4. Bring out problems affecting the SACCO and look for solutions
  5. Participate in SACCO projects both physically and financially
  6. Attend educational meetings and seminars organized by the SACCO.
  7. Make use of the services of the SACCO as stated in the objects of the SACCO
  8. Comply with the Sacco By-laws, the Co-operative Societies Act, Rules and General Meeting Resolutions
  9. Buy and pay up for shares or make any other payment provided for in the By-laws of the society,
  10. Meet the debts of the society incase of bankruptcy in accordance with the provisions of the Act and By-laws of the society

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