We welcome you to be a member here at FINNLEMM SACCO where you will access great SACCO services.

A person of either sex shall be eligible for membership if he possesses the following qualifications: –

1. Is within the field of membership, that is, within the common bond.
2. Is not less than eighteen years of age, if a natural person, and should not have been convicted of a criminal offence involving fraud or dishonesty.
3. Is not a member of another SACCO in the country
4. Is not directly or indirectly, a moneylender, cash daily collector or carrying out such activities which are detrimental to the objectives of the SACCO.
5. Is of good character.
6. Is an employee of the society or investments of the Society
7. Is resident within or occupies land within the society’s area of operation.
8. Is in employment, occupation or profession which falls within the category or description of those for which the Society is established, and
9. Is a Nominee of the primary member