Contact Persons

Contact Persons

The Contact Person shall perform the following functions:-
(a) Liaise closely with the Management Committee and inform Society’s members within the same Institution on matters relating to the functions and operations of the Society.

(b) Attend Contact Persons’ Education Workshops or meetings organised by the Management Committee on the Society’s current functions and proposed innovations to its products and services with a view to disseminating the same to members.

(c) Provide feedback to the Management Committee on members’ views on the Society’s services (Source -Finnlemm by laws)

(d)The Contact Person shall be nominated by members within his/her organization through the contact nomination forms.
Rights and Obligations of the Contact Persons
1. Right to ask for information about your account/s at Finnlemm.
2. Represent your case/s to Finnlemm for considerations.
3. Right to get a loan subject to laid down terms.
4. Right to vote at AGM’s.
5. Right to be elected.
Your Obligations/Responsibilities
1. Attend AGM’s.
2. Elect officials.
3. Diligently pay for loans granted.
4. Follow up on your account (MPA’s).
5. Inform the society of any defaulters within your organization.
6. Help in the recruitment of new members and organizations.

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