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• This loan is purely for personal cars. Maximum limit is Kshs. 3 Million

• Cars aged 0 – 3 years to be repaid within 48 months

• Cars above 3 years to be repaid within 36 months.

Loan Guarantees

Any loan with an exposure of more than Kenya Shillings two million (Kshs. 2M) or where the difference between the member’s . deposits and the loan applied for is equal to or greater than Kshs. 2M will have to be supported by an additional tangible collateral e.g. Title Deed for property within Nairobi and its  environment, and other member’s major urban centers to mitigate on the credit risk exposure, in the best interest of the guarantors and the Sacco.

AGM 2016

Finnlemm Sacco’s 33rd AGM will be held in February next year. Further details will be communicated well in advance to assist in your personal planning.

BoD Nominations

We extended the timelines for all aspiring candidates to submit their nomination forms in preparation for the next AGM.

The vacant positions are:
• Three (3) on the Board of Directors
• One (1) in the Supervisory Committee

Nomination Form and details on the election criteria can be downloaded from our website.

Members Share Certificate

Have you collected your share certificate? All members are requested to pick the same from
our office or to send an authorized representative to collect on their behalf.

What is a VA Loan Certificate of Eligibility

FDC Updates

Ongata Rongai Project

• Beacon re-establishment is now complete

• Roadwork is currently underway

• Land owners are requested to make ar- rangement to demarcate their land

• Those who have not paid Kshs. 50000 for
infrastructure development to do so

Nakuru Land Project

Significant progress has been made. A meeting with the Nakuru land owners was held in Nakuru on Saturday, 14th November 2015.

Holiday survival guide

The holiday season is here with us once more and it is always a financially demanding period.

Here are the two important tips of making it through the period successfully…