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ISSUE 05-2016

  BoD Nominations We are requesting all aspiring candidates to submit their nomination forms in preparation for the next AGM. Only the names of those who meet all the qualifications as per the criteria and our By-Laws will  be presented to members. Vacant positions are as follows: Three (3) on the Board of Directors One (1) in […]

ISSUE 04 – 2016

MEMBERSHIP RECRUITMENT DRIVE Do you know of a friend or relative who wants to join a Sacco? Finnlemm Sacco is giving all members an opportunity to earn money through our membership recruitment drive promotion which started on 1st September 2016 and ends November 30, 2016. Member gets to earn a finder’s fee of Kshs. 1000 […]

ISSUE 03 – 2016

JUNIOR SAVINGS ACCOUNT This account is designed to provide a facility for members to save for their children and help introduce them into the saving habit early in life. Starting your child on a savings plan early can help set him/her up for a secure financial future. Features ¨ Account is run and managed on behalf […]


Some of our contributing members have missed out on the benefits of this scheme simply because they did not provide details of their loved ones as requested. Kindly fill the forms on the link provided to avoid any disappointments. TERMS AND CONDITIONS FOR BENEVOLENT SCHEME ¨ Membership to the scheme shall be to all Sacco members […]