Benefits of Finnlemm Chama/Corporate Account
•    Regular investment forums to educate you on available investment opportunities
•    Your Savings will earn interest at the end of the year
•    Inclusion of fixed deposit account with competitive interest rates
•    Contribution can be easily done via mobile banking service
•    Easy account opening requirements
•    We will facilitate registration of your group with the concerned registering body.
•    Easy access to credit of up to 4 times of your savings.
•    Longer Repayment period, up to 60 months.
•    Affordable interest rates on credits unlike other financial institutions
•    Minimum monthly group contribution of Kshs5, 000 only
•    No monthly charges.
•    Registration fee of Kshs1, 500 only

Access to the INUA Loan at competitive rates

INUA Chama Loan

This loan is granted to corporates and registered chamas.

⦁ Granted 4 times of the group deposits

⦁ Repayable within 48 months

⦁ Interest charged at 1.17% per month on a reducing balance method

⦁ Flexible security for the loan i.e. guarantors or approved collateral

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