Scholar Account

For everyday bill-paying, textbook-buying, late-night-diner-visiting purposes, checking accounts are your best bet because they’re convenient. But what if you want your money to do more — like say make money?

That’s where a savings account comes in handy. The Finnlemm Scholars’ savings account is really the simplest form of a Savings Account you can ever have. You give Finnlemm your money; they use it in making loans to other members, and pay you interest for the privilege of using your money.

Occasionally, you take out some money to live on, but for the most part, you leave it to earn interest and wait for a rainy day or when you get a job and need some bucks to start of life.

Scholar Savings accounts are a safe place to put your money, and the money actually grows as the SACCO pays you interest. This is an account for Students above 18 years in tertiary learning institutions such as college polytechnic and university. It’s an account for those who want to make their financial decision and are ready to move to the next level. Get started on your road to success.


  • No account maintenance fees
  • Free photo is captured on account opening
  • Free cash deposits


  • 6%pa interest rate on savings above Kshs5,000
  • No ledger fees
  • Low account opening balance
  • Deposit or withdraw cash via Mpesa
  • Opportunity for one to join the Sacco membership after college


  • Original National ID or Valid Passport and a copy
  • Admission letter or College ID or Introduction letter
  • No Opening or Minimum balance required.