The Junior Account is a savings account designed to provide a savings facility for parents to save for their children and is open to all kids below 18years.

⦁ The account is opened in the child’s name, however, the parent has the sole mandate to operate it

⦁ Opening and minimum operating balance is Kes.500

⦁ Minimum monthly contribution amount is Kes.500. This can be effected via check-off, direct deposit to any of our accounts or our mobile platform

⦁ This account earns interest  on a monthly basis at 6% p.a. Minimum interest earning deposit is Kes.5,000

⦁ Funds from this account can be used can be used as collateral for school fees loan

⦁ Partial withdrawal is acceptable while normal withdrawal from the account is permitted after every four months

⦁ No ledger fees

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