What is Finn-Pesa?
Finn-Pesa is a mobile solution that enables our members to transact through their mobile phones at the comfort of their work places/homes.

Features of Finn-Pesa

  • The loan product targets active Finnlemm SACCO members only.
  • A member can access a maximum of Kes. 70, 000
  • The loan is not pegged on deposits.
  • The Finn-Pesa loan will be repayable within a maximum of 3 Months.
  • The loan will be secured by the members own deposits.
  • The loan attract a service charge/ Interest at the rate of 6.5% per month.
  • One must register by filling in a registration form and submitting to the SACCO for processing.
  • One must have a registered Safaricom (M-Pesa) line.

How to subscribe to Finn-Pesa

  • You will be required to register by filling an application form available online under downloads or at our offices;
  • Registration applies to M-Pesa registered users only.
  • Once you are registered, you will receive an SMS from Finn-Pesa containing a four-digit Start PIN; you must change this PIN to access Finn-Pesa menus.
  • Dial *346# to change the Start PIN and enter a new 4-digit PIN. It is advisable that you use a PIN that you can easily remember.
  • After changing the PIN, you will receive an SMS informing you that you have successfully changed your Finn-Pesa PIN. Your Finn-Pesa is now active.

Finn-Pesa Services

  • Instant Loans- You can borrow an instant loan up to Kes. 70,000
  • Finn-Pesa Loan Repayment- You can repay your Finn-Pesa loan via our Pay Bill No. 528400

How to repay your Finn-Pesa Loan

  • Go to M-Pesa menu- Lipan a M-Pesa
  • Select pay bill and enter the pay bill No. 528400
  • Select account number and enter your National ID No followed by FINN as one word. (e.g. 98765423FINN)
  • Enter amount to pay
  • Enter your M-Pesa PIN and confirm transaction.
  • You will receive an SMS confirming that your payment has been received.

Why Finn-Pesa?

  • Finn-Pesa is Secure
  • Opening of accounts will be done at our offices.
  • In case of a forgotten PIN a member has to contact our office for a reset.
  • The member will access funds through the M-Pesa platforms.