Ustawi Loan


A member must have an active Finnpesa account


The loan has the following features

  • Loan issued from minimum of Kes 70,000 to a maximum of Kes 150,000
  • Interest charged at a rate of 3.5% P/M
  • Repaid within a period of 12 months
  • Loan secured against a member’s free deposits or guarantors (guarantors must also have an active Finnpesa account in order to guarantee)

Steps of accessing


  • Dial *346#- (input pin)
  • Go to loans
  • Select Ustawi loan
  • Input amount you wish to request
  • Input guarantor(s) mobile number. Separate by comma in case more than one member (incase able to self-guarantee, the system will auto calculate the amount for you)
  • Submit the request

The guarantor(s) receives SMS notifying them that Loanee has requested them to be their guarantor for loan (amount of the loan requested indicated)


  • Dial *346# (input pin)
  • Select option loans
  • Select guarantors (option 7)
  • Confirm guarantee
  • Input amount to guarantee
  • Submit

The Loanee receives SMS informing them that the guarantor(s) has accepted to guarantee them (shows amount guaranteed).

In case the guarantee is not sufficient the loanee is informed the amount that is not guaranteed

Once the loan is advanced to the member, they receive SMS notification of:

  • The amount credited to their Finnpesa account
  • The loan repayment dates and the amount to be paid
  • How to make the repayment of the specific loan

As a follow up, the loanee receives SMS reminder notifications for repayment (stating the amount to pay and how to make the payment)

  • 3 days to the due date of making the loan repayment
  • On the date the loan repayment is to be done
  • Once a member makes a payment as per instructions issued, they receive confirmation that the payment has been credited to the loan and also informed of the outstanding balance
  • If a member fails to make a payment recovery procedure as for other loan are followed where the member is sent notices and calls from recovery team before other recovery measures are take
  • The other recovery measures include request